Duplec / Duo Roller Blinds

Duplec / Duo Roller Blinds

Partnering delicate voile sheers with beautifully crafted woven fabrics in a selection of textured weaves and colours.  Consisting of two layers of intricately woven fabrics that move in tandem to offer precise light control and privacy.  Supplied in a cassette system with ball chain and side-winder control

An extensive range of luxurious sheers complemented with unique fabric textures and finishes for the more discerning consumer, from perfectly plain fabrics woven from delicate yearns to geometric designs and natural finishes – a vast colour palette to choose from.


Very easy to use – choice of control options

Clean lines

Great blackout option (for bedrooms)

Different shapes available to finish the bottom of the bind


Spring loaded mechanism can be difficult to control – go for the chain / Soft Raise options

Not good at controlling incoming light – Duo Roller blinds typically either up or down

Looking For Shutters?

We understand that not every window can be dressed with a blind. Our shutter range is available via our associate company: The Hertfordshire Shutter Company