Bespoke Interior Window Shutters


Shutters provide privacy, style and light control.  Uniquely, they can be tailored to fit almost any shape of window perfectly.  They are versatile and can be manufactured to the full window height, or mounted “tier-on-tier” to create frames within frames.  With particularly tall windows (or windows surmounted with stained glass panes), the classic Cafe Style may be preferable – leaving the uppermost glazing exposed, maximising light whilst still providing adequate privacy.

Unlike curtains that hide the shape and feel of your carefully designed room and offer only an open/shut position, a tailored set of shutters will blend into your architecture, highlight your windows and provide the versatility to invite the light in to suit your mood, or block it out completely when privacy is required. With shutters, you can adjust the light manually or with a revolutionary remote control option.

Shutters are easy to use and to clean; ideal if you suffer from dust allergies. 

Made to measure shutters and blinds are long-lasting and  increase the intrinsic value of your property.

No less than six coats of stain or paint are applied to the shutters before your order leaves the suppliers.  Each and every shutter is made to your specification, crafted and quality checked by craftsmen in an overseas state-of-the-art production facility.  Shutters are engineered to counteract the timber’s natural tendency to twist with the grain.  It’s more work, but it ensures that the shutters are truly balanced.  Through years of experience, this is the best way to prevent warping and distortion which can arise in shutters manufactured without using this advanced process

Created from the finest basswood, Madison and Vermont offer choices in whites, wood stains and contemporary urban colours.  The beauty of wood is emulated through the Nevada range of HSBC shutters, which are ideally suited to bathrooms.

Blade Widths: 47mm / 63mm /   89mm and 114mm

Looking For Shutters?

We understand that not every window can be dressed with a blind. Our shutter range is available via our associate company: The Hertfordshire Shutter Company