Awnings / Canopies


Atmospheric moments – until well into the night

A patio / terrace Awning is an investment that will last for many years.  It will become a part of your property and serve to enhance your outdoor living area, whether for quieter relaxing moments or gatherings of family and friends, increasing the intrinsic value of your property.

Excepting heavy snowfall, our Awning systems can give you additional outside space you can use as an additional, all-weather room.  Don’t let the rain spoil outdoor get-togethers and BBQs ever again!  No longer with the typical British weather with its sudden rain showers spoil your plans.   

During the summer months, what can be better to suit under your patio/terrace awning, sipping a cool drink?   Hot summer sun and bright, intense glare will be a thing of the past.  Patio awnings are very simple to use and are tailored to your home.  Your Awning will protect you, your pets and your furniture from the heat and harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.  It is a fact that you can stay 7 degrees cooler under your patio awning. 

With light boxes now available, you can get full use of your awning into the night to extend those summer evenings into lantern-lit get togethers with friends and family. 

Cooler Spring and Autumn evenings are no longer a problem as you can use integrated Awning heating and various lighting solutions, in addition to side screens and drop down valances to deflect those chilly evening winds.

Our Awning covers have a Teflon coating which helps keep you dry.  A select few of our Awnings have features to help remove rain water quickly and efficiently – only if correctly installed and set at a good, steep angle.  We have been fitting Awnings here at MDM Blinds for more than a decade so you can relax and leave the expert fitting and angling / installation position to us

Cassette Awnings

The practical awning style provides perfect protection for the roller, cover and arm system – they are all stored in a closed cassette.  When retracted, the moving arm part closes and seals the cassette – keeping out the bad weather, dirt and wind.  Your awning remains as attractive as it was when installed. 

Semi-Cassette Awnings

Semi-cassette awnings protect the fabric and when the front rail is fully closed, the mechanism is tucked away safely.  A great alternative to the full cassette.

Open Awnings

Open awnings are the entry-level products to the range.  Particularly suited to installation under a balcony or roof overhang, where a cassette is not required.  The addition of a top profile protects the fabric from the elements.

Intelligent Accessories – State of the Art Radio Electronics for Patio Comfort

Tempura Infra-Red Heating System

Cosy warmth on cooler days.  Pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating, the energy-efficient Tempura infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1500 watts.  Very easy to operate and dim, using the  radio control system.

Weather Sensors

Automatically react to wind and weather.  They open your awning automatically when the sun comes out and can optionally retract it in the rain and wind

Bi-Connect Radio Control

The relaxed way to operate your awning, heating and lighting,  using a pre-programmed hand transmitter (with or without a display).  Available in silver or black (or even using the App)

Gear Drive

You can also open and retract your awning using a gear handle if preferred (for example if it isn’t possible to connect to a power supply.  This is equally a good solution of you seldom use your awning.

Looking For Shutters?

We understand that not every window can be dressed with a blind. Our shutter range is available via our associate company: The Hertfordshire Shutter Company